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Yes, comments about the decline in catcher hitting in recent seasons are not an exaggeration, although note that historically they aren't as low some of the other positions here. Still, this stands in contrast to not so long ago in 2012, when catchers collectively nearly hit at the league average (tOPS+ of 99). That was Buster Posey's MVP season, Yadier Molina's best offensive season (he finished fourth in the MVP voting), Joe Mauer posted a .416 OBP, Carlos Ruiz and Jonathan Lucroy hit over .300, and Miguel Montero had a nice season.New York Yankees face coverings

In December of 2017, the Giants acquired third baseman Evan Longoria from the Tampa Bay Rays. They also assumed most of the five years left on his six-year, $100 million deal, as the Rays are paying some of that freight.Detroit Tigers face coverings

A couple of days after the trade to the Padres, Darvish told reporters he was "shocked" by the trade, although he quickly clarified that he was shocked in a good way. "I actually wanted to throw against the Padres last season, just to see how good I was," he said through his interpreter. "So I'm very happy to join a team that's as strong as the Padres."


Did any team have a worse offseason than the Reds? They lost the Cy Young winner, traded their closer and their top setup guy, lost their shortstop and haven't replaced him, and their big move was signing Sean Doolittle, who has allowed 14 home runs in 67.2 innings the past two seasons and moves into one of the easiest home run stadiums in the majors.Houston Astros face coverings

The Yankees are deep in pitching, and will now need to lean even harder on the young arms they have in house, like Nick Nelson and Domingo German, among others.
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"I hope he's not thinking about it because that's a distraction and nothing that he can control," Hinch said. "The first communication to him is to go play and let us sort out what the roster looks like, or what the organization wants, what the coaching staff wants and where it fits in.Chicago White Sox face coverings

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"Kyle Seager, this is probably his last season as a Mariner," Mather said. "He will, and I’ve already told him, he’ll be a Mariners Hall of Famer when he’s done playing. Last year, he seemed to find the fountain of youth, had a fantastic year, and we expect the same in 2021."